Distressed Cap- Fashion Accessory, Style in your way

Distressed caps are made up of denim and strategically give a vintage look. It is quite in trend and fashion. They are the latest must-have fashion accessory. They are available in a variety of colors and styles. To add a finish to your style distressed caps are the best choice. It is not only fashionable but also a practical one as protects your head from the sun in summer and wind in winter. Moreover, it is affordable you can have two to three and can style your outfit.

Style Distressed Cap

Hats look super cool and groomed your style. It’s a perfect touch if it seems to you that something is missing or incomplete. With so many ongoing fashions, styles and designs, it’s hard to decide to adopt which style. Try to create your signature style and stun in your unique style.

Street-wear look

Try wearing a sweatsuit with your favorite sneakers and a long leather coat. Give the final touch with a distressed cap and here you go. That one style is quite popular in the 90s and known as the streetwear look.

All black style

Try wearing black trousers with a black t-shirt and add a distressed cap in bright colors like bubble gum pink one and you will stun.

Create Your Distressed cap style

If you are a person who loves the vintage rugged look of clothes, try making your distressed cap.

Give your hat a vintage look

You can take out any of your hats and can transform into the distressed but be careful while doing so. And go slowly with the process.

Wash it out twice or thrice

To make your hat vintage look wash it multiple times at least twice or thrice with cold water. Try washing it in the washing machine. To prevent the hat from shrinking wear it and try to dry it up with a blow-dryer or roll it up with a towel until it got dry. Take care of one thing don’t put it in the dryer to dry your hat.

Sandpaper, scissors, and other accessories

Now take out your hat, as you must have observed that distressed caps are worn out and scratched. They are not old but treated with acid washing and some tearing has been done to give them that look. You can give that look to your hat by slowly rubbing sandpaper on its edges, and continuously rubbing it by moving in a circular motion until you got your desired look. If you want to do more do some tearing with scissors and use a cheese grater. Finally, you will get the hat with a vintage look.

Try it out, style it and enjoy wearing it.


Wearing a vintage style, worn and tear out hat is what we call the distressed cap. It is quite a in fashion, especially distressed baseball hats are loved by people. You can get these hats in a variety of colors and with different symbols like logos, cartoon characters, or simple writings. You can style them as you want by mixing and matching shirts, and trousers and take a vintage hat to give a finishing touch to your look.



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